February 5, 2013

My Cats Are Featured On YOUTUBE’s eHowPets Channel: “Warm & Fuzzy: My Cat Story”

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L-R: Beethoven, Oreo, Charlotte are now YOUTUBE Stars!

I’m excited to announce that my cats Oreo, Beethoven, and Charlotte are the featured STARS of an official YOUTUBE eHowPets Channel documentary! YouTube’s eHowPets features a documentary series called “Warm & Fuzzy: My Cat Story.” A friend volunteered my cat family as potential interview subjects, and the rest is history. The link is here: (Please retweet and share and help my cats go viral!)

The filming of this video took place on a very rainy and stormy morning just after Thanksgiving. About a half-dozen camera, lighting and sound guys plus a producer took over our house. I felt like I was on a reality show!

The amazing crew from YouTube’s eHowPets Channel setting up the interview. Lights, camera… ACTION! :)

The crew and producers from YouTube’s eHowPets Channel were amazing – very professional and friendly! They really put me at ease during the interview on camera. I also was impressed by the lighting – if only we could all have our own personal lighting professional to follow us around all day to make us look good! :)

The strangers in our house, however, plus the raging downpour and thunder and lightning outside TERRIFIED my cats who hid the entire time.  We had to crawl under furniture to get them on camera. They were shaking with fright. I can’t believe how calm and relaxed they seem on camera in the final cut. They may look relaxed and happy, but they were actually shaking with fright. Poor kitties!

Anyway, one of my dreams has come true – my cats are on their way to becoming Internet Cat Celebrities. :) To see the official YouTube eHowPets Channel “Warm & Fuzzy: My Cat Story” segment, please go here:

Don’t forget to retweet and share! Also, subscribe the this channel, it’s amazing. :) For more videos of my cats, you can also visit:

And you can always follow Oreo on his Twitter here:

Grateful thanks again to the folks at YOUTUBE and eHowPets & Warm & Fuzzy!


Stay tuned for more blogs this month. Until the next blog, remember… HAPPY WRITING! WRITE LIKE YOU MEAN IT! :)  


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  1. Dagny says:

    Comment about whenever anything breaks it’s always Beethoven’s fault. Is it slander if it’s true, lol?

    Really enjoyed the video. Sending link to all the cat people I know–and a few others.

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