July 12, 2011

TV Tuesday: EUREKA Season 4.5 Party!

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SyFy's EUREKA Season 4.5 debuts Mon. July 11, 2011 at 8 PM!

Welcome to TV Tuesday! In honor of our EUREKA Season 4.5 debut this week on SyFy, all my blogs this week are Eureka-related. I am a producer on the show EUREKA, which airs on SyFy. I started as a Co-Producer for Seasons 4.0 and 4.5, and I’m currently a Producer for our 5th season. Because our EUREKA’s Season 4.5 debuts this week, I’ve decided to devote an entire week to Eureka-themed blogs.

Our show’s Season 4.5 premiered last night on SyFy at 8 PM, followed by WAREHOUSE 13 and ALPHAS. It’s a great night of science fiction on Monday nights, so definitely hang out with us every Monday night!

Today’s TV blog features fun pics from our party celebrating the season premieres of all three shows. We had a blast! And many grateful thanks to our EUREKA fans who are so supportive and totally awesome. :)

(Keep reading after the jump for party pics!)

To find out more about our Eureka writing staff, you should check out our blog here:

To find out more about everyone’s bios, go to our bios links which features bios of all the writers plus cartoon portraits of everyone by yours truly! :)

(Special thanks to Nina Fiore, our newest staff writer with partner John Herrera, for graciously loaning me some of her fun pictures from the party.)

Here’s a group shot of several of the EUREKA writers gathered together before EUREKA aired: meet  staff writer Nina Fiore, Eureka co-executive producer Jill Blotevogel, Co-EP Terri Hughes Burton, Co-EP Eric Tuchman, staff writer John Herrera, story editor Kira Snyder, and staff writer Ed Fowler.

Meet many of our EUREKA writers!

Below are some photos from staff writer Nina Fiore’s “hipstamatic” camera on her iPhone. Below are co-EPs Jill Blotevogel, Eric Tuchman, and Terri Hughes Burton.

Cool Eureka writers!

Here’s me peeking in the background with executive story editor Eric Wallace and Kira Snyder and Ed Fowler…

Eureka writers being silly! :)

Here’s Ed Fowler, Eric Wallace and John Herrera…

Meet the Eureka boyz!

Here are Eureka cuties Kira Snyder and Nina Fiore!

Eureka cuties! :)

Me & John Herrera!

Here's me & John Herrera!

Check out the posters from our shows!

SyFy's Most Powerful Night of TV - Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Alphas on Monday nights starting at 8 PM!

Us Eurekans also partied with the Warehouse 13 and Alphas folks, too! Here’s Eureka’s executive producer Bruce Miller, Co-EP Amy Berg and John Herrera hanging out with Nell Scovell of Warehouse 13!

Eureka AND Warehouse 13 writers!

And here’s the gang from WAREHOUSE 13 – a great group of fun writers! I can’t wait to see these awesome folks again at ComicCon! From L-R: Bob Goodman, Benjamin Raab, Deric A. Hughes, Holly Harold, Ian Stokes, Nell Scovell.

Meet Warehouse 13's writers! They totally rock!

When EUREKA aired, we all rushed to a separate room to watch our show and cheer each other when our names appeared. LOL! :) I always get a kick seeing my friends’ names on the screen.

Eureka Live On TV!

Of course what Paula Yoo blog would be complete without food pictures? My old iPhone lacks a flash, so here is a blurry image of some of the yummy eats, from pizza to spicy buffalo wings to falafel!

Eureka party food!

And of course… cake! :)

It's not a party without a cake! And sparklers! :)


Hope you enjoyed today’s TV TUESDAY blog. Stay tuned all week for EUREKA-themed blogs in honor of our Season 4.5 launch this week!

Remember – EUREKA Season 4.5 airs every Monday at 8 PM on SyFy, followed by WAREHOUSE 13 at 9 PM and new show ALPHAS at 10 PM.

For more info on all our shows, please check out these links:

And please follow EUREKA’s writing staff on Twitter: keep up with our writers’ blog here:

Tune in tomorrow for our WRITER WEDNESDAY blog  featuring info on our awesome EUREKA novels! Until then, Happy Writing! WRITE LIKE YOU MEAN IT! :)

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  1. I was so pleased to be on Comcast’s portal today and saw Eureka come up as a featured show to watch online. I had not seen it singled out like that before. Clearly, the Powerful Monday approach Syfy took aligning Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Alphas helped all of the shows. What great numbers! Congrats to you and everyone at Eureka for continuing to make us feel something…so much of TV these days just doesn’t get that’s the goal…to move the audience. Great job on the opener!

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