Month: November 2011

Music Monday: Fun Gig Tonight!

Welcome to MUSIC MONDAY! I’ve had a lot of music gigs lately. Last night, I played violin for a reality show that will air next year (let’s just say it involves some very lovely women who live in Hollywood). Tonight, I have a gig with the band fun. We’re playing a sold-out show at The…
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Meet “Vanished” YA Debut Novelist SHEELA CHARI!

Welcome to WRITER WEDNESDAY! Today we are proud to present YA debut novelist SHEELA CHARI! Her first YA novel, “VANISHED,” was published this year by Hyperion! Sheela Chari’s novel, VANISHED, is a fun mystery YA novel about a stolen family heirloom musical instrument. The book’s plot: “Eleven-year-old Neela dreams of being a famous musician, performing…
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WRITER WEDNESDAY: Meet sci fi novelist/comic book author PAUL J. SALAMOFF (Pt. 2)

Welcome to WRITER WEDNESDAY! This week, we’re chatting with Renaissance Man PAUL J. SALMOFF! He is a TV executive, comic book writer, sci fi novelist, AND former special effects makeup artist! So if you love comic books and sci fi like I do, this week promises to be a lot of fun! Today features Part…
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