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2011 LA Times Festival of Books

Have you ever been to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books? It’s been around since 1996, and I’ve attended it every year. It’s a WONDERFUL event, chock full of amazing author panels and fun book readings and even cooking demos from famous TV chefs! I wanted to alert everyone to two special events at this…
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Why Two Blogs?

Just a quick note to explain a little bit more about why I have two blogs on my website. I’ll also be posting more actively for now at the “NaPiBoWriWee” blog because May 1-7, 2011 marks the third year in a row of my special event known as “National Picture Book Writing Week.” Keep reading…
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Welcome to PAULAYOO.COM Version 2.0!

April 26, 2011: Welcome to 2.0! The redesigned website has been updated for 2011! I’m excited to tell you all about the new changes… ###### NEW HOMEPAGE: You will notice my website’s homepage has a new layout. It features three main sections… – “YOO INK”: This is a short summary that I will update…
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