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February Fun: Cool Music Gigs & Exciting Book Preview News!

Hello! Some fun updates for this month’s blog plus an exciting preview announcement of my next book! Right now, as you can see from the picture above, I’ll be in the writing bat cave for the rest of this month. Before I go AWOL for the rest of February, I wanted to update everyone on…
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Happy Holidaze & 2012 Wrap Up!

Happy Holidays! This is just a fun blog to share some of my adventures on our annual Xmas in Vegas vacation as well as some end-of-the-year news updates. We’ve been celebrating Christmas in Las Vegas every year since 1999. And yes, believe it or not, some of my best writing gets done while in Vegas.…
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2012 Summer Olympics: Meet Dr. Sammy Lee, Gold Medalist (Diving)!

Today marks the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London! You know what that means… I will disappear into my Olympics batcave for the next two weeks! I’ve always been a HUGE Olympics fanatic (both summer & winter events). Although I’m not athletic and I don’t watch any sports, for some reason, I’m…
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