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Happy Holidaze & 2012 Wrap Up!

Happy Holidays! This is just a fun blog to share some of my adventures on our annual Xmas in Vegas vacation as well as some end-of-the-year news updates. We’ve been celebrating Christmas in Las Vegas every year since 1999. And yes, believe it or not, some of my best writing gets done while in Vegas.…
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FOODIE FRIDAY: Xmas in Vegas “Good Eats”!

Welcome to the first FOODIE FRIDAY blog of 2012! Below is a fun account of some of the “good eats” we had on our annual Xmas in Vegas vacation. I’ve been going to Vegas for Christmas almost every year since 1999. It’s just a fun tradition. You could say I’m a total expert now on…
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FOODIE FRIDAY: Winner of the Domenica Marchetti Book Contest Announced!

Welcome to FOODIE FRIDAY! We’re excited to announce the winner of our signed book contest drawing with THE GLORIOUS PASTA OF ITALY cook/author DOMENICA MARCHETTI! (Her website: http://www.domenicacooks.com/) For the month of October, we’ve been celebrating Domenica’s latest cookbook with a two-part Q&A and a special recipe. The links are here in case you wanted to…
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