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EUREKA Music Monday: eTunes! (i.e. “Eureka Tunes!”)

Welcome to a special EUREKA WEEK edition of the paulayoo.com blog! I am a producer on the show EUREKA, which airs on SyFy. I started as a Co-Producer for Seasons 4.0 and 4.5, and I’m currently a Producer for our 5th season. Because our EUREKA’s Season 4.5 debuts this week, I’ve decided to devote an…
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TV TUESDAY: EUREKA Season 4.0 DVD in stores today!

Welcome to TV Tuesday! Today, July 5, 2011, marks the official release of the SyFy series EUREKA‘s Season 4.0 DVD! In stores today! To celebrate our upcoming season 4.5 debut on Monday July 11 at 8 PM EST (followed by WAREHOUSE 13 and the new show ALPHAS), I’ll be doing a EUREKA-themed blog week from…
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TV Tuesday: The Play’s The Thing!

“To become a playwright, you should be a [person] with imagination and common sense, to begin with. You must be observant. You must never be satisfied with superficial knowledge. You must have patience to search for causes. You must have a sense of balance and good taste. You should know economy, psychology, sociology. You can…
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