TV TUESDAY: Special Animated Holiday EUREKA Episode Airs Tonight!

TV TUESDAY: Special Animated Holiday EUREKA Episode Airs Tonight!

EUREKA special animated holiday episode airs Dec. 6, 2011 at 8 PM on SyFy!

Welcome to TV TUESDAY! I’m especially thrilled to post today’s blog in honor of tonight’s very special ANIMATED holiday episode of EUREKA! The episode, “DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?” airs tonight (Tuesday Dec. 6th) at 8 PM EST on SyFy!

The episode was co-written by the totally awesome AMY BERG and supercool ERIC TUCHMAN (and we wrote Episode 417 “CLASH OF THE TITANS” together!). For more info on our show, go here: (I was a producer for the show’s fourth and fifth seasons.)

And speaking of do you see what I see… Here’s an EXCLUSIVE picture of Amy Berg & Eric Tuchman hard at work on their script of “DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?” (I surprised them with my sneaky paparazzi ways… LOL!)

Eric Tuchman & Amy Berg hard at work like elves writing the holiday Eureka episode!

(Click the MORE button to keep reading after the jump for some sneak peeks at the animated glory of EUREKA!)

Before we see some sneak peeks of the animation, here are some links to give you more information on the scribes who penned tonight’s holiday episode!

A really great AMY BERG interview is here:

And here’s my cartoon of her for our EUREKA UNSCRIPTED writers’ blog:

Meet EUREKA Co-Executive Producer AMY BERG!

You can also follow Amy on Twitter: @bergopolis

Here’s my blog on working with ERIC TUCHMAN:

And here’s the cartoon portrait I did of him:

Meet Eureka Co-EP Eric Tuchman (cartoon by Paula Yoo)

Eric is currently a writer on SyFy’s ALPHAS. You can also follow Eric on Twitter here: @erictuchman

For more sneak peeks of the animated EUREKA goodness, here are some shots below, thanks to

EUREKA animated holiday episode (airs Dec. 6, 2011 on SyFy!)

Sheriff Carter and Deputy Sheriff Andy go Looney Tunes! (EUREKA animated holiday episode airs Dec. 6, 2011 on SyFy!)

The anime version of EUREKA! (EUREKA animated holiday episode airs Dec. 6, 2011 on SyFy!)

For more “first look” photos of tonight’s episode, check out the rest of “DaemonsTV”‘s blog here:

Fellow EUREKA and DC Comics scribe ERIC WALLACE also posted this helpful blog on tonight’s episode:

For a sneak peek video sample of tonight’s episode, go here:–holiday-episode–sneak-peek/v1361273

And check out our star, COLIN FERGUSON (who plays Sheriff Jack Carter) in a great interview about tonight’s episode with ABC News:

For more info on our show, be sure to check out our official website here:


Remember – our fifth and final season of EUREKA airs in 2012. An official announcement from SyFy will be out soon to announce the dates, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on those dates as well! It was truly such a pleasure and privilege to work for this fun show and to be a part of the EUREKA writing staff family. 🙂

Hope you enjoy tonight’s holiday episode of EUREKA. Until my next blog, remember… HAPPY WRITING! WRITE LIKE YOU MEAN IT! 🙂