Welcome to The Greenhouse!

Welcome to The Greenhouse!

Welcome to THE GREENHOUSE! I’m excited and honored to be working for the U.S. adaptation of the extremely popular and awesome youth TV series from Israel for Netflix!

“The Greenhouse,” slated to be released in 2017 from Netflix, is set in an elite boarding school in Southern California, where students are divided into two rival houses that must join forces to conquer challenges when an evil plot is uncovered. I’m adapting the series for an American audience with show runner (and writing genius) Giora Chamizer, who wrote and created the original series.

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Well, I have to return to the Writing Batcave to work on this project. Thankfully my three cats will keep me company. Stay tuned for more details on this show! Until then, as always… HAPPY WRITING! WRITE LIKE YOU MEAN IT! 🙂