Month: May 2011

TV Tuesday: Eureka… or Yooreka?

Hi! Welcome to another TV Tuesday! On Tuesdays, I plan to post blogs about my TV writing adventures, advice for aspiring TV writers, and any other industry-related topics. Today’s blog is rather short because we’re coming off Memorial Day weekend! I decided to post all the links about my latest TV job as Producer on…
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Music Monday: Duran Duran is “Good Enough”!

Me today with my Fender electric violin! Rock on! 🙂 Happy Memorial Day Weekend! And welcome to another weekly edition of Music Monday! The first few Music Monday blogs are focusing on the music featured in my YA novel GOOD ENOUGH (HarperCollins ’08). The paperback edition of GOOD ENOUGH comes out this June 7, 2011.…
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Foodie Friday: Mac & Cheese!

Welcome to my first FOODIE FRIDAY blog! As some of you know, I am a huge foodie. I love cooking. I love watching THE FOOD NETWORK and THE COOKING CHANNEL. I have seen all the Top Chefs and any other cooking-related competitive reality show out there. I dream one day of hosting my own food…
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