Month: November 2013

Dr. Sammy Lee Medical & Health Science Magnet Elementary School Opens!

Congratulations to Dr. Sammy Lee and his new school! I just came back from a very fun and moving ribbon cutting ceremony honoring two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Dr. Sammy Lee as the inspiration behind the newly opened “Dr. Sammy Lee Medical and Health Science Magnet Elementary School” in Los Angeles, CA. The school was created…
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NaNoWriMo 2013!

  Well, it’s November 1st. And we know what that means. It’s NANOWRIMO time! 🙂 I’ve been participating in the annual National Novel Writing Month for a long time. You can find me at “ViolinGirl.” The website is here: In fact, NaNoWriMo is what inspired my own version called NaPiBoWriWee (National Picture Book Writing Week)…
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