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TV Tuesday: Good Enough – Live Long and Prosper

Welcome to TV Tuesday, where I normally blog about my adventures as a Producer/writer on the SyFy series EUREKA and give advice/information on how to break into the TV industry. But this week is special – today marks the official paperback release of my YA novel GOOD ENOUGH! The paperback version of my YA novel…
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Music Monday: “Is Mendelssohn ‘Good Enough’?”

Welcome to my first MUSIC MONDAY blog! As many of you know, I’m a huge music fan as well as a musician.  I listen to everything – and I play everything on my violin – from classical to rock to country to prog rock to punk rock.  I’ve played, recorded, or toured with dozens of bands,…
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Angry Asian Man’s 10th Anniversary!

Just a quick shout out to the amazing Angry Asian Man! April 30, 2011 marks the tenth anniversary of one of the most influential and important blogs created to keep people aware of Asian American news and issues and pop culture. Angry Asian Man is an amazing blogger with a great sense of humor and…
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